I am HOME among the trees!


Edge of PNW

Our journeys are one step from the edge the whole way… I suppose that’s why we call it fragile yet breathtaking at the same time.

The Hustle

The Momma hustle….I decided not long ago that I was too smart to live every month on the edge of broke. :)


It’s the little things that show your throughfulness!


My first passion. I’m a recovering perfectionist that has learned to let her students lead the way. Many of my materials are centered around goal setting, rigor and growth mindset.

Private Tutor

I can help you fill in that missing piece. We are all puzzles in progress…it’s whether we have the stamina to continue to work for that one piece. Let’s find it together!

Cabin on the Edge

Follow along with me and my girls as we turn a 1970s cabin into our dream spot at the coast.


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